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1983.04.16 Joni's next appearance RDS Music Hall Dublin, Ireland

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  • Joni at the RDS in Dublin 1983 - photo Colm Henry [1980musician]
  • RDS Music Hall
  • Photo by Colm Henry

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Brendan on

The show was amazing - Case of You being a memorable highlight. The venue was not great noisy wooden chairs and half the audience arrived late as Joni went on stage on time with no opening act, and they were still in the bar thinking they had time.

Cath on

I was trying to figure out which night I was at from the comments, it must have been the first - Joni said 'I haven't played this in so long' and then went on to give a beautiful delicate rendition of 'Case of You'. I remember to thinking how could Joni's hair look so bright like gold. It was wonderful. The band was wonderful. I've been trying to find my ticket, I hope it turns up somewhere so I can post it here. I sat to the left and a bit behind the sounddesk. Thanks Joni.

Annief on

Remember a friend of my brothers couldn't make it to c Joni and I grabbed the the spare ticket, couldn't pass up the chance to c Joni was a huge huge fan still am. So I went with my brother Terry and a couple of his friends and just an ace concert, just my dream seeing her live, follow Joni on Facebook.

Papriksplains on

I remember being so excited that Joni was coming to Dublin, as I had been a huge fan for many years. At the show I was about halfway down the hall, the seating was wooden chairs on the wooden floor, which made a lot of noise when people moved around. It was a great show, I was in awe and loved every minute.

Gear on

All I remember is arriving late because I went to "The Stadium" thinking the show was there. Don't ask me why I thought that and if you have to ask where "The Stadium is, then you missed some of the best live music in Ireland in the day, I'm presuming it's gone. It had far better atmosphere than the RDS music hall and don't even mention the RDS horse barn. Funny though, I recall the concert as being pretty sedate!

penelopekennedy on

like spending the evening with God

bothsidesnow on

I couldn't believe that Joni was coming to Ireland & I was actually going to see her in the flesh as her music was rarely off my stereo. She is a musical genius.... end of story.
And the great news was that the concert absolutely lived up to my expectations. We were only about 6 rows from the front & I just soaked up everything. Been there, have the ticket stubs & bought programme & the t-shirt which I still have. If I get round to it will photo & upload.
(Wasn't dying about her quirky knickerbocker outfit though!)

jazzer on

Hello i'm David Cross and I have fantastic memories of this concert for many reasons but primarily because i'm embarrassed to say that I probably frightened the life out of Joni when I got up onto the stage and ran across and touched her. It was unforgettable. I nearly got thrown out by security. I will put it down to being young and stupid. Hope Joni forgives me!
It was an incredible night. It was a seated concert but as far as i can remember after a few songs it seemed like half the 7000 or so crtowd just stormed towards the stage and spent the rest of the concert looking up at Joni. It was a homage to a superstar. She probably hates being referred to as such but for her devoted fans that is what she is. The number one in my mind without a shadow of a doubt. Forget Lennon, McCartney, Dylan etc etc. Joni is the No. 1.
I would dearly love to see her again and I promise I will behave myself this time.

annemurray on

What a concert! I'm still working on it, all these years later. Fantastic. I was 7 months pregnant with my first child (little girl, Ella), and I stood up on those hard chairs and rocked with everyone around me. STUNNING. My little girl is now 26, and loves to hear me tell that story. I was raised on Joni Mitchell, for which I have to thank my older sister Clare, and very good friend Paul Ward. GREAT MEMORIES.