Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1983.03.30  Christchurch Town Hall  Christchurch, New Zealand

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Nigel on 2015-Apr-02 at 01:33:06 GMT-5:
A very special concert. I remember during a pause between songs someone yelled 'The Last Time I Saw Richard' (from 'Blue') and Joni replied "I'm not a jukebox, man" to general applause.
Alisonfitzgerald on 2013-Aug-07 at 21:21:39 GMT-5:
To see and hear Joni live onstage was a huge highlight for me and this concert will always be a standout event of all the concerts I've been to. I still remember her wonderful performance ! Her music has always touched me deeply, when she sings I hear myself reflected in her words. It is unlikely I will ever see her again (especially down here in New Zealand) perform live so I hold this memory close and will never forget the experience.
DaveTHOSL on 2012-Feb-01 at 17:48:55 GMT-5:
I had never seen Joni onstage, but when I heard 'Blue' in the early 70's I fell in love with 'that voice' (like so many other young men of the time, no doubt) It was magic to then see her concert in 83' at the ChristChurch Town Hall in New Zealand. As Franb mentioned, tis not likely Joni will ever grace our shores again, so I count myself lucky to have seen Joni at this time in her career.
franb on 2009-Dec-04 at 01:51:58 GMT-5:
I'd last seen Joni in Seattle in 1974. This was very different music, as she now had her backing band including her husband, Larry Klein. It was a very upbeat, happy concert. But when she said goodbye, it was clear that coming to NZ was a one-off!