Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1979.09.07  Civic Auditorium  San Francisco, CA

» This Concert is a part of the 1979 Tour of North America.

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Photo by Roger Ressmeyer.

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bozito on 2014-Mar-17 at 17:31:34 GMT-5:
My "GO!GO! GO GO G-GO! GO!" Kerouac moment was recorded by the mic at the back of the auditorium on Why Do Fools Fall In Love and made it to the final cut, and I know so because you can hear Gail's cackle in the end of it. It was tremendous fun, we were very high and Gail McGowan, Peggy Rice and Steve Walstead were all there. Fantastic show. Could not see the stage well so went up above. Sang along on Shadows and Light in harmony, which you can make out if you know what to listen for, as I switched from a falsetto to basso. Loved DreamLand more than anything else -- it's one of my top 3 favorites of hers and so excitingly and uniquely sexual with reversed roles and anywayzzzz... waited at back door and saw her sheepdog in the limo but she took forever to come out and we had to go, so I missed seeing her up close. Don't recall if it was this night or the next tho. Wanted to see both shows but couldn't get tix.  [ed.]