Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1976.02.13  Music Hall  Cleveland, OH

» This Concert is a part of the 1976 Tour of the United States.

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jschumacher on 2013-Mar-17 at 19:19:21 GMT-5:
I have the set as: "CDR1 (54:44): 1. Help Me (minus beg.), 2. Love Or Money, 3. Free Man In Paris, 4. For The Roses, 5. Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire, 6. Big Yellow Taxi, 7. Shades Of Scarlett Conquering, 8. For Free, 9. Just Like This Train, 10. Coyote {...into}, 11. Don Juan's Reckless Daughter, CDR2 (50:31): 12. In France They Kiss On Main Street, 13. Edith And The Kingpin, 14. Talk To Me, 15. Harry's House/ Centerpiece, 16. Furry Sings The Blues, 17. Trouble Child, 18. Rainy Night House (minus beg.), 19. Don't Interrupt The Sorrow, -false start, 20. Raised On Robbery, 21. The Jungle Line, 22. Twisted"GFS
Ferencz3 on 2010-May-13 at 22:08:21 GMT-5:
OMG! I took a freind of mine (was a nun teacher of mine in HighSchool! lol) to see Joni at Public Hall and I am 99% SURE it was her Hissing of Summer Lawns tour? Tom Scott did horns and opened for her...We had center stage seats BUT..waaay back in first balconey! lolol..all I could afford back then! That was probably one of my BEST concerts ever too! Joni just bleewwww our minds...I can remember when we left the concert we both mentioned how "high" we were...I was a ballet dancer and never 'did that' and neither did my freind! lolol...so it was purely a Joni HIGH we had! The great part is that here it is allll these many years later..and I have lived with my freind in her house for the past 18 yrs. now! lolol...Joni is a TRUE goddess in the best most artistic sense of the word! I only wish she'd create MORE of her art..be it music..or paintings!!!
LONG LIVE Joni Mitchell!