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1976.02.01 Joni's next appearance Memorial Coliseum, Univ. of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL

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WillyB on

The one and only time that I had the privilege of seeing Joni live. Although I have seen numerous shows of many diverse artists since, this ranks as my all time favorite. It was essentially the Miles of Aisles tour with L.A. Express backing her and it was in my opinion...flawless! I was in love with her then...and I always will be. Joni is still breaking my heart!

Alabama22 on

I was in college and sat on the front row at Joni's concert in 1976 at Coleman Coliseum. Great show and as a young college guy, I was smitten when Joni actually looked and smiled at me several times during the show. What a memory!

3474 on

I had been a fan of Joni's for a number of years prior to seeing her in concert in Tuscaloosa, Al in 1976. She began to head in a new "jazzy" direction during this time, recording and traveling with Tom Scott & the LA Express. The concert was simply awe-inspiring. I took binoculars to the concert & could not stop looking at Joni's face. Her face contained all of the emotions of her songs, and cemented her forever in my mind as the finest female performer I had seen to that point. Now, 34 years after that performance, I have still never seen or heard better, and I have seen and heard some of the finest performers of our time. She is the complete package. It would be wonderful to see her in concert again, if possible. Kerry Shapiro, Birmingham,AL   [ed.]

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