Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1974.07.31  Convention Center  Louisville, KY

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Photo by Dennis Shaffner

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RoxannePerryColeman on 2010-Oct-16 at 11:14:00 GMT-5:
I remember seeing the Joni Mitchell concert in Louisville so well.I had shared my love for Joni Mitchell with my sister so she had some albums also. She drove in, 90 miles away and we went. It was so great, Joni sung her heart out, broke some strings as she always does since she works so hard for her audience. We found some seats close to the stage on the right and was in heaven the whole time, such a joy to see her. I saw her years later at the Lexington, KY soncert and the same, such a poet,writer - and all to song. Not only is she a wordsmith, she's a poet par execellence. I am 68 today as I write this and she's still special to me and I played her albums this morning. Thank you for allowing me to share. What is so surprising, my son married a girl from California and they live in Denver now and she was a Joni Mitchell Fan also so it runs in the family (grin). People say I am so young for 68, well when you have a joyour heart where joni mitchell is a part, I will be young forever. Thanks for letting me share. RoxannePerryColeman
frankh99 on 2009-Dec-14 at 05:01:48 GMT-5:
I was not at this concert, but, I was alive and well at camp in the Poconos this summer with this song infiltrating my consciousness. It was whimsical. It made the summer so smooth and sweet, I got off the bus, having love in my veins and rushing around playing with kittens and sucking tootsie roll lollipops.  [ed.]

Archival comments

Billy King writes: "I remember she was absolutely stunning that night - the best concert I've seen in my entire life (among many). Me and my girlfriend at the time were among the first people through the door, and we ran for the best seats we could get...which were 3rd row on the floor, slightly off-center. Joni was a bit somber at times (her pal Cass Elliot had been found dead in London only a few days before), and I remember she broke maybe three or four guitar strings in a row tuning up for "Help Me!" Joni was brilliant and the audience was adoring. I remember I caught a few of Joni's roses--tossed by the stagehands afterwards (in Louisville - home of the 'run for the roses'), which I kept for many years. It was a beautiful night I'll never forget."