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1973.08.11 Joni's next appearance The Corral Club Topanga, CA

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topangabrekke on

my friend Bruce was the clubs son and I played music with him
so I got in only 19 years old and then saw Joni, Neil Young and the Eagles
what a night they cut off the line at our party me and 2 got in
my other 3 friends did not. Topanga was amazing those days
Arlo or Black Oak-- Spirit -Jo Jo Gun
some band was always playing in the Canyon for free
what a time to be alive and young, Hitch hiking everywhere

Zuma on

My friends and I drove from the city of Covina to The Corral for the concert. After arriving we found out you had to be 21 years old to get in and we were only 19. I was determined to get in to see this incredible gathering of some of my favorite musicians. To gain entry I faked my drivers license while waiting in line. Drivers licenses were black & white in 73 and I used a pocket knife to cut out and switch two numbers on the license. I was able to keep the license in it's plastic holder and it worked to get me in. None of my friends got in, but I didn't care, I had no idea where I was or how I would get home, and I still didn't care, instead I went straight to the bar and got a beer. The night and the music was magical, the artists performances were incredible. During Neil's solo numbers I saw the brother of my high school sweet-heart sitting on the edge of the stage next to the piano. An incredible night just got better as I had found my way home; although I now made a sixth body in a Volkswagen bug. All of us who were able to attend that night were certainly treated to concert of our lives, it was magical.

carrerakenny on


I, too, was there at the Corral in August, 1973. We had driven to Topanga Canyon to see NY and arrived at 11:00 am. There were four guys in our party. We had all day to wait, so we split up. Two went swimming at the bottom of the Canyon and two held place in line. We were second in line at 11am.

We welcomed the opportunity to swim as it was hot in August. After our swim, we came back up to the Corral where our friends were elated as NY had arrived in his beat up 1947 Buick. They had met and spoken to Neil and we were disappointed that we missed him. About 30 minutes later, Joni arrived in a Volkswagen van with British Columbia license plates and 40 lbs of mud along the sides of the van. It looked as if she had just driven in from BC that very moment. Joni was sitting in the passenger seat while a young man drove them up to the Corral. Joni stopped by and visited with us in line. She was warm and friendly.

We never did get into the show as we were only 19 and California requires age 21 to get into a "bar". We rushed in the bar, but were promptly thrown out for being under age. A big disappointment. However, we did see NY one month later opening night at the Roxy in Hollywood. Joni was there, too, although we did not speak. We also saw Bob Dylan and Cher strolling in hand in hand. We saw the second show opening night. It was all Tonights the Night with an encore of Down by the River. My friends were disappointed with the unfamiliarity of the music. New Mama was my favorite. Neil was borrowing reefers from the audience and it was a blast. Graham Nash opened the show by spilling beer on his piano. Those were the days. I spoke to Elliot Roberts a year ago asking if he and Geffen had kissed and made up. He said that "We are both neighbors". I am not sure if that is good or bad! Not sure why Joni left Elliot, either. Thank you for letting me reminisce.

Patchka on

I was at the Topanga Corral the night the Eagles and Neil Young played with Joni. It was a memory that I treasure. Joni smiled at me as I made my way through the crowd. She was sitting gracefully like a queen in her court. I turned to see who had a hand on my shoulder attempting to pass - It was Neil Young making his way to the small stage as the Eagles had just finished. People don't believe me when I tell them about it. To be so close to such artists - what a night!


Steve Ullman writes "I'm not quite sure how but I managed to get a seat. Front row center. The Eagles stole the show. "Desperado" had just come out and they played the whole thing, flawlessly. Then Joni played. It was wonderful. After Joni finished her set it was time for Neil Young. Joni wanted to watch, of course. People near me were screaming "Get Joni a seat, get her a seat!". I had been so fortunate to get mine. I wasn't giving it up for anyone, not even Joni. But someone next to me did. So Joni Mitchell and I sat next to each other and watched Neil perform that night. She actually talked to me! She said, "Are you drunk or stoned?" I replied (the incredibly suave person that I have always been) "Uh, a little of both." That seemed to satisfy her and we watched Neil perform together."