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1972.02.21  Arie Crown Theater, McCormick Center  Chicago, IL

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Joni with Jackson Browne, Steve Goodman and others. Photo by Novakent

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johnhv on 2013-Mar-16 at 19:48:56 GMT-5:
I remember she was supposed to open for csn when I was a senior in hs in 1969 and they broke up before the concert. So when I saw she was coming in 72 managed to get decent seats on the main floor. JB was also amazing that night think about that Jackson Browne solo. But Joni was mesmerizing and so cool. She almost didnt have to sing, I could have listened to her talk all night long. And the end with Goodman Browne and the Holsteins cant believe it was 41 years ago. Oh well I miss her more than any other artist except the beatles. A great night!  [ed.]
Sandra on 2009-Nov-12 at 00:55:43 GMT-5:
Drove up the same day of concert from Urbana, Illinois with a few of my friends. We were all Sophmores at the U of I. Had never seen the opening act - Jackson Browne, though one of my friends was a fan. Remember Joni's blue tie die velvet outfit. I had just stopped being a voice major, switching to English Lit, and had started to write songs. Joni was one of my inspirations, so it was wonderful to see her in person. Amazing songs, amazing performances. We did not want it to be over. Thank you Joni, for sharing your visions with us!
orinkh on 2009-Oct-31 at 07:22:12 GMT-5:
At the time of this concert, I had Joni's three first albums, and I had caught her appearance on the Dick Cavett show (post-Woodstock). I could not get enough of her, in whatever form was available. I was a senior in high school, 60 miles away from Chicago, when I learned that she was going to sing at the Arie Crown. It was a school night, but nothing was going to stop me. I drove to Aurora, took the commuter train in from there, then a bus to McCormick Place, and found my seat (cheapest section, way up at the top - that's all I could afford). I remember the Jackson Brown opening, kind of, but Joni's set was for me an hour of worship. She opened with "This Flight Tonight" which she did in a really edgy way, but she got way mellow after that. I saw her two or three other times in later years, but nothing will ever equal this early pilgrimage. I don't recall that any of my other friends had taken notice of her at that time but she had me from the first recording I ever heard, and this concert was my way of consummating a romance that continues to this day.
kenw on 2009-Sep-08 at 12:14:07 GMT-5:
A spiritual experience. An unknown fellow named Jackson Browne opened with an acoustic set. (Actually, at the time I was a big Browne fan). Nobody came to see him. Then Joni played her acoustic set and she transformed the auditorium into what seemed like a chapel. She played dulcimer, guitar, piano. And when she was done, a hush fell over the whole auditorium. It took about a minute before the audience started clapping, although clapping didn't seem appropriate. We all felt like more like bowing in reverence.