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1971.09.10  Queen Elizabeth Theatre  Vancouver, BC

Joni was the surprise guest at a Crosby & Nash concert.
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JodyWhite on 2014-Mar-17 at 18:42:24 GMT-5:
I was 19 years old and had taken the train from Montreal to Lake Louise to meet my best friend who was working for the summer at one of the resorts there. When she was done, we continued on to Vancouver together. It was our first visit there and we decided to get tickets to see Crosby & Nash. We were in our hotel room, getting ready for the concert...we were ironing some clothes and the radio was on. The DJ started talking and out of the blue said Joni Mitchell would be joining C&N that night. Or at least that's what I heard. Gail was right there with me, listening to the radio and insisted that I was losing my mind, that he had said no such thing, wishful thinking on my part, etc etc. I insisted I'd heard it, though I was starting to feel a little crazy!

Imagine our surprise when Joni walked out on stage that night. Or imagine my friend's surprise. While I had come to believe that Gail was right and the DJ had not said anything about Joni Mitchell, I did believe that somehow I was told that Joni would be at the concert. I was vindicated. To this day, I can't explain how I heard what I swear I heard. Joni communing with me? Joni, by the way, was great. Of course.