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1969.08.25 Joni's next appearance The Greek Theatre Los Angeles, CA

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  • Cover to the official program
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  • From the LA Free Press

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topangabrekke on

I was so lucky my dad bought our family season tickets that year
we saw Harry Belafonte Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand
and then one day Joni Mitchell opened for CSNY
I was a big fan at 15 and then saw her at the Topanga Coral
with Neil Young and the Eagles only sat 150 people
that was what 1969 was like I will always love Joni what an Angel
of Voice and spirit

DSWertz on

My best friend and I had loved JM since we discovered her in 1965 or '66 - we knew all of her albums by heart. When we heard about the concert at the Greek we were thrilled because I had my drivers license by then and could borrow my Mom's car to get there. We were more excited to see her than C,S,N & Y (although they remain favorites to this day as well.) She was amazing! Car broke down on the way home from Hollywood past midnight and my folks had to come and get us - what a memory that night was.

kramerboy on

Just came off being at Woodstock-I was bummed Joni wasn't there,so when my"straight" parents decided to take the kids to LA,I found out about the concert and told them I wanted to go-so went solo-what a night-joni was incredible-buddy miles was a treat,john sebastian,and CSN-wow.I had the 1st santana album with me
that i found at the local record store.all around me was asking about it.
What a night-love to joni.  [ed.]

Victoriah on

I remember the Meteor that flew over the Greek Theater when Joni just started singing. All of a sudden this huge thing that was on fire with streaming flames flew over us. Everybody was looking up at the sky. Joni stopped singing and said "What's going on out there"? It was a salute to Joni I think, but, she didn't get to see it. I believe it was seen by five States it was so big. It was like the sun was going across the sky.

photofan on

Being native Angelinos very familiar with the trails in Grifith Park and already a fan of the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and Joni, but never having heard any of them live...we hiked up the short trail that goes behind the greek and slipped (sometimes literally) down the hill and sat under the trees for the opening concert (it was sold out). What a magical revelation...we faithfully repeated this trek for the entire week and by the last performance of the week (which was not sold out), we were allowed to scale the wall and take any empty availiable seats! As the week progressed, the tree people population increased, of course and some people had no clue as to who they were seeing...'Who's that chick?...It's Joni Collins, man!'...(they only knew she played real good for free and indeed she did...they all did). I was 19 then and 41 years later, a belated THANK YOU is in order!

regostein on

We were very lucky in those days. We had passes that we could get into any show at the Greek for $1 if there were seats left. We went to almost all of the shows that week. We were already in love with Joni, but this just solidified it. The encores with CSN and Joni were fun. There had just been this other big concert they had been to in New York...

jis010 on

What I remember is a rocket burnt up in the air over the theater. People were looking at it. She made a comment why were people looking at the sky and not her. She had no idea what was going on. Amazing concert with CSN and others.


Elijah Butler writes: Joni opened for CSNY at the Greek Theatre in L.A. It's the only time in my life I had front row seats due to some chick turning hers in because she couldn't go. Joni was wearing white I think. Her piano was pushed back from the front of the stage so we couldn't see her because the stage was too high. Later she stood up front playing guitar. Beautiful. John Sebastian showed up and Buddy Miles shared a curtain call.