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1969.03.29 Joni's next appearance Unicorn Coffee House Boston, MA

James Taylor also performed.

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danbeach on

I believe Don Coolidge is right. It was at the Psychedelic Supermarket, next to BU. Snowy evening. I believe James was delayed getting there. Most of us sat on a cold, stone floor. The Unicorn and Psychedelic Supermarket (in an old garage) were both owned by George Papadopolous. That may be the confusion.

doncoolidge on

I saw James open for Joni, but I don't recall it being at the Unicorn, which was on Boylston Street - it was at a different club near BU. (The Unicorn might have moved there; it's been a while, and a lot of Boston clubs changed locations). Actually, James Taylor didn't open - two local folkies did (should have been Jackson Browne, then it would have been a Tom Rush "Discoveries" concert), and one of them made the big mistake of telling off-color jokes. The crowd, there for Joni, was very unhappy, and James Taylor came on second facing a restive audience. He got them on his side with his Jose Feliciano-inspired CocaCola commercial and "Steamroller" and had a great set. Joni came on and said she was exhausted; she'd been up almost all night finishing "Clouds". Nevertheless, her performance was flawless and inspired. The first of many times I saw her, the last being on Boston Common one summer in the early 80s. A truly creative and poetic artist, one whose songs and performances are all still fresh and alive.

beezeman on

I was a huge James Taylor fan then (thanks to Tom Rush) and was one of about three people in the audience there mainly for him. I loved Joni's music, too and she was fantastic (as was James). My one vivid memory from the show: at the time, Michael From Mountains was getting the most airplay from her first album in Boston. There was a request from the audience for her to play it and, after a little fumbling, she confessed that she couldn't remember the tuning and thus apologetically declined to play it. It was a little surprising since that was her first underground "hit".

janemurphy on

My first time seeing Joni after much anticipation. I was a senior in high school and would go on to hear Joni a total of 13 times! My boyfriend and I were awestruck. Joni spoke to us and for us, and I wanted to be just like her. Songs from the first two albums. "I think I understand, fear is like a wilderland.." I remember James, too!

jis010 on

This was the first time I saw Joni in concert. I had no idea who James Taylor was. I was hooked on Joni I went to both shows and talked to her after shows.
It seems like yesterday.