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1969.03.14 Joni's next appearance Centennial Auditorium Saskatoon, SK

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  • Ad from the University of Saskatchewan Archives, University Publications Collection. March 11, 1969, page 2, The Sheaf.

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Dorn on

I met Joan during her appearance at Simpson's-Sears the day prior to her concert. We chatted a bit about our Grade 7/8 class at Brunskill School (where we sat side by side at the invisible line that divided my Grade 7 group and her Grade 8). It was taught by Arthur "Kratzy" Kratzmann, to whom she dedicated her first album, and who taught both of us the "love of words". Joan introduced me to her boyfriend, a fellow named Graham Nash (of whom I'd never heard!). The following day I saw her in concert at the Centennial, where I sat in Row 1, Seat 1, directly in front of her mesmerizing performance. Today, over forty years since we last talked, I spend time "pickin' & grinnin'" on my beloved D-35S, now and then covering some of my fave "Joni songs" like "Marcie" and "Circle Game". Perhaps we'll meet again.... (Mike Dorn Wiss)