Joni coming to Carleton

Ottawa Citizen
October 4, 1968

Joni Mitchell, is the velvet-throated thrush from the foothills of Alberta, is coming to Carleton University.

The 24-year old, hair-to-waist blonde with the high cheek bones will climax Carleton’s activity-packed Homeward Bound weekend, with a concert in the University’s Alumni Theatre, Southam Hall, Sunday, Oct. 13.

A Native of McLeod, Alta., Joni attended public school in Saskatoon as Roberta Joan Anderson. Bent on a career as a commercial artist, she enrolled in the Alberta College of Art in Calgary.

Took along uke

Just to pass the time she took along a ukelele, and after mastering a few chords and traditional ballads, was able to earn extra money singing.

She got her first job in a coffee house called the Depression.

As time went on, singing dominated her life. She made off for the Mariposa Folk Festival in Ontario, a three-day trip on which she wrote her first song, Day after Day.

Joni didn’t return to Alberta, instead found work in half-a-dozen Toronto coffee houses and continued to write songs.

In Toronto, she met and married Chuck Mitchell. A year later they moved to Detroit, but the marriage was dissolved soon after.

Signed by company

Joni continued to appear in clubs in Detroit, then went to New York where she was discovered and signed by a record company.

Joni, who has now written more than 60 songs, bought a house in California and in her leisure time enjoys painting in her backyard.

Homeward Bound gets under way on Oct. 10 at 1 p.m. with a singing concert on the university quad. Other events include a golf tournament, banquet, war canoe race, float parade, and football game.

ED NOTE: This concert was subsequently cancelled

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