There's Nobody Like Her

by Judy Collins
December 2020

"I recorded Joni's 'River' for last year's Winter Stories (Collins' most recent album). I don't know why I'd never done it before, because the minute I started singing, it was clear that it was meant for me. I've always been spellbound by Joni's writing. Her songs are like a bouquet of flowers that are imperishable. I'm going to put 'Cactus Tree' on this new Joni Mitchell album that I'm doing. I sing that one at concerts and people just go nuts. Listening to Joni is like going to a watering hole that you love especially well. Or going to the museum, spending a couple of hours with paintings that you love and just embracing them again, breathing in the air, smelling the flowers, talking [sic] a walk through these songs. There's nobody like her."

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