Joan Baez and Alberta’s Joni Mitchel Both To Start At Toronto Folk Festival

by Frank Gray
Calgary Herald
July 25, 1969

Folk-music buffs attending the night annual Mariposa Folk Festival this weekend will have a rare opportunity to see one of the biggest names in folk music - Joan Baez.

They also will have the change to compare her style with that of two Canadians who have achieved international popularity in the last year - Joni Mitchell of Fort Macleod, Alta, and Gilles Vigneault of Natashquan, Que.

The decision by Miss Baez, the 28-year-old American singer and war protester, to appear represents something of a coup for festival organizers. Miss Baez has curtained concern appearances in the last few years in favor of speaking engagements protesting the military draft and U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war. Her husband, David Harries, is serving a three-year sentence for refusing induction into the arm.

Composer-singer Joni Mitchell will be making her fifth visit to the festival. Since her first appearance as a guitar-strumming spectator in 1963, she has gone on to achieve popularity in the United States, particularly through her composition From Both Sides Now, recorded by Frank Sinatra and Judy Collins.


Often compared to Joan Baez for her clarity of voice and individual style, Miss Mitchell, 26, does not include protest songs in her repertoire. Rather, she says, protest is something she feels, particularly when she has heard racial remarks while touring the U.S. South.

CBC-TV has announced it will film the festival to take place on Centre Island in Toronto harbor. The film will be televised Sept. 28 on the one-hour Sunday-at-Nine network series.

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