Night Ride Home

by V. Corzen
WomaNews (NYC)
May 1991

It's unusual to find a theme that runs through the lyrics of an album. However, Night Ride Home has a theme. It has a strand of Joni's life that connects the songs. The title cut "Night Ride Home" is one of the strongest links of that chain. "Passion Play" and "Come In From The Cold" are also examples of this.

As usual, Joni's vocal talent and instrumentation were phenomenal. The music appeared to be a combination of folk and electronically created rock rhythms. That is the only disappointing aspect of this album - it was too refined. It sounds like the cuts were mixed and remixed until perfection. A computer couldn't have done any better.

The best cuts on the album are: "Passion Play," "Come in From The Cold," and "The Only Joy In Town." Night Ride Home is a great album. I just wonder how it will sound live.

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