Ogdensburg Journal
November 4, 1968


4 & 11 - SHOW OF THE WEEK - AN "EXPERIMENTAL CONCERTO" - (Color) - In three parts of group, comic and voice. The group: 3's a Crowd, one of Canada's leading folk-rock organizations. The comic Richard Pryor, whose many television appearances include the Ed Sullivan, Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas and Joey Bishop shows. The voice: Saskatoon-born Joni Mitchell, one of the biggest new folk stars, whose songs have been recorded by Harry Belafonte and Judy Collins. Written by Perry Rosemond and 3's a Crowd. Directed by Terry Kyne. Produced by Bob Jarvis. Numbers: Cast of Colors, (3's a Crowd); If You Keep on Foolin' Around Now, Baby, You're Gonna Mess Up a Darn Good Thing (3's a Crowd): Stormy Monday (Dace Wiffen); The Way She Smiles (Brent Titcombe); Comic sketch (Richard Pryor); Night in the City; Cactus Tree; The Midway Song (Joni Mitchell); Wasn't It You (3's a Crowd); Things Will Work Out Better If You Specialize (Crowd, Pryor), 8:00 p.m.

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