In Review

by Carol Branch
Daily Campus (SMU)
February 3, 1978

by: Joni Mitchell
label: Asylum

The surprises are interminable. The Joni Mitchell style has changed over the years, markedly, after her first three releases (LPs), and to a degree, in each album, depending upon the musicians who write and perform with her. Indeed, she would not even be recognizable if not for her voice. Hers is a voice that is pure, sensitive and commanding in a way that is unique.

Weather Report is in the foreground of "Don Juan's Reckless Daughter," Joni's latest release, a two record set on the Asylum label. Joni doesn't even have to adapt much to flow with Weather Report, but that's not saying that the final sound is anything pleasing to the ear. No, this album is far from a landmark in Joni's career.

The poetry that she's known for is still there, but who's going to stop to listen to the words or read the lyric sheet when the music is of a harsh, dissonant nature.

It can always be said that Joni Mitchell is interesting in her musical combinations, and that she has a deeply moving, lovely to listen to voice...But where's the Joni that writes good music, such as that on her best album, "Ladies of the Canyon."

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