Singer Joni hit by health scare

by Mark Reynolds
Daily Express
April 2, 2015

Singer Joni Mitchell was recovering in intensive care yesterday after being found unconscious at her home.

As fans were asked to "light a candle" for her, the reclusive 71-year-old -- the voice behind such hits as Big Yellow Taxi -- was "awake and in good spirits" after being taken to hospital on Tuesday.

A statement on her website,, revealed: "Joni was found unconscious in her home this afternoon. She regained consciousness on the ambulance ride.

"She is currently in intensive care undergoing tests and is awake and in good spirits. More updates to come as we hear them. Light a candle and sing a song, let's all send good wishes her way."

The first update on the singer's Twitter account read: "Joni has been hospitalised. We are awaiting official word on her condition and will post it here as soon as we know."

Three hours later, another post said: "Joni is currently in intensive care in an LA area hospital but is awake and in good spirits."

Celebrities immediately wished her well, including Billy Idol, who wrote: "Sorry to hear today's news about Joni Mitchell. I sang on her Dancing Clown single many moons ago, all the best for her recovery."

It was revealed that an emergency 911 call was received from Ms. Mitchell's Los Angeles home at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, after she was discovered unconscious.

The singer has long led a reclusive lifestyle, retreating inside her Spanish-style villa for extended periods of time.

She has lived in the Bel-Air home alone since 1974.

"Yes, you can call me a recluse," she said in 2013. "I like living alone."

The Canadian-born singer built up a huge following in the 1960s and 70s and went on to win eight Grammys.

Her success peaked in the mid-1970s and she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

Last year she revealed she had been struggling with the rare condition Morgellons disease, which made her believe she has parasites under her skin.

In her biography, she wrote: "At the height of my illness I could not even wear clothing.

"All the time it felt like I was being eaten alive by parasites living under my skin.

"I couldn't leave my house for several years."

Ms. Mitchell is a former heavy smoker, starting at the age of nine and only quitting in 2010. She has also overcome polio and scarlet fever.

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