Concert Review, Joni Mitchell

by  Pine
February 12, 1969

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell, a respected semi-underground folk talent from Canada roused a capacity audience last week at her "coming out" date at Carnegie Hall, N.Y. The young Reprise Records artist grossed $10,800 at a $5 top.

Performing quiet, ungimmicked ballads, Miss Mitchell moved with a natural showmanship as she embraced her guitar and swayed gently with her bright rhythms. Barring one exception, Miss Mitchel [sic] performed all original compositions: "Morning, Morgantown," "I Had a King," "Little Green," and "Circle Game" stood out. The consistently excellent performance reached its highpoint in a top interpretation of "Get Together," a Dino Valenti tune.

Miss Mitchell communicated totally; her subtle guitar and vocal phrasings gave her lyrics precise meaning.

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