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Playboy (Magazine)
October 1979


Some 30,000 fans jammed into the Hollywood Bowl for the two-night Playboy Jazz Festival—making it one of the most successful jazz extravaganzas ever produced. At left [photo 1], Sarah Vaughan belts out a number. Below [photo 2], Joni Mitchell sings her lyricized version of Charles Mingus' Goodbye Porkpie Hat. At right [photo 3], Hef unveils a sign renaming Hollywood Boulevard in honor of the festival. Those who were unfortunate enough to miss the 14 acts—plus an incredible all-star jam—take heart: The festival may possibly become an annual celebration.

Above [photo 4], Benny Goodman and the Young Tuxedo Brass Band (Ellyna Tatum, grand marshal) take over the Los Angeles City Council chambers for a ceremony proclaiming Jazz Festival Week. Below [photo 5], a panorama of the capacity crowd; m.c. Bill Cosby gives Lionel Hampton some unneeded help on vibes (inset).

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