The Clinton Weekend

by Jane Fonda
October 17, 2011

Friday night:
Richard and I went to the President's birthday bash/fundraiser at the Hollywood Palladium. It was a really fun party. Jerry Lee Lewis played, and Ronnie Hawkins (President's Clinton's favorite musician growing up). Stevie Nicks sang — fantastically. Her voice strong as ever and her band (according to the expert, Richard), is tops, including the great guitarist, Waddy Wachtel.

People danced and the vibe was unusually cool and fun for a fundraiser. Chelsea Clinton was especially impressive as she took the stage to talk about her father and what he is doing with his foundation.

Saturday afternoon:
Here we are on one of the many buses taking us to the Bowl for the Clinton Global Initiative fundraiser. Steve Bing, Richard, and me in the back of the bus. Paul Allen and Robbie Robertson in front of us. Elsewhere on the bus were Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, Brian Grazer among others.

The big surprise of the evening was the rock and roll band from Columbia and their lead singer/guitarist, Juanes. President Clinton told us he is the best known and loved rock 'n roller in South America and he was fantastic and unusual. We're going to get all his albums.

Many stars including Ellen Degeneres, Jason Segel, Maria Bello, Ashton Kutcher and others introduced the musicians.

When the show was over, President Clinton said, "I am the only former President to have a 65th birthday attended by both Lady Gaga and the Secretary of State!"

Richard said, as we were leaving that it was probably the best live concert he's ever been too...and he's been to many!

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