Mendel Art Gallery to showcase exhibition of Joni Mitchell's works

by Dan Zakreski
Saskatoon StarPhoenix
June 10, 1999

The Mendel Art Gallery is organizing a major exhibition of Joni Mitchell's painting, writing and music for next summer.

Gallery director Gilles Hebert said the details for the show came together three weeks ago when Mitchell returned to Saskatoon to visit her parents. Mitchell and Hebert met for coffee at the Broadway Roastery where the exhibition curator experienced firsthand the artist's cross-generational appeal.

"We were surrounded by everyone from teens to people in their 50's, all wanting to talk," he said.

"She was wonderful, fun and bright."

The exhibition will run sometime between June and September, the exact dates to be set when the details on the book accompanying the show are finalized. Hebert said that Mitchell is expected for the opening.

"It will survey her painting and drawing, from her teens to her current production. It will find the linkages between her visual art, writing and music," he said.

"It's an investigation of how somebody like Joni Mitchell works in various media."

Hebert said the project is personally interesting on two fronts.

"I am fascinated with the idea of someone working simultaneously in various media.

"She also continues to consider Saskatoon her home. She references herself as a Prairie artist. I find that interesting."

The Mendel intends to offer the exhibition for tour regionally, nationally and internationally.

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