New Joni Mitchell songs to air

March 15, 2007

New Joni Mitchell songs are to be aired exclusively on BBC Radio 2, six months before her first LP in ten years is released.

Mitchell's SHINE is the first album of new material in a decade, and also features the singer's setting of Kipling's poem If.

The world exclusive preview of the songs will take place over the next two weekends, as part of a two-part documentary based around an in-depth "conversation" between Mitchell and British singer-songwriter Amanda Ghost.

The radio series "Come In From The Cold: The Return Of Joni Mitchell" sees Mitchell explain the reasons behind her change of mind about recording music again.

Mitchell's last album of new material TAMING THE TIGER appeared in 1998 prior to the announcement of her retirement from music in 2002.

The new album comes as part of a busy period of renewed activity and interest for Mitchell — "Dancing Joni", a collaboration between the singer-songwriter and Alberta Ballet opened in Canada last month and next month sees the release of "A Tribute to Joni Mitchell", a collection of her songs reinterpreted by the likes of Bjork, Annie Lennox, Prince, kd lang, James Taylor, Elvis Costello and Emmylou Harris.

Come In From The Cold: The Return Of Joni Mitchell will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on March 20 and 27 at 8:30pm.

SHINE is expected to be released in the Autumn.

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