Rock, Jazz Stars, Indians Record Song To Save Rain Forests

Associated Press
March 18, 1989

Brian Wilson, Joni Mitchell, Ringo Starr and Belinda Carlisle have joined a dozen rock stars in recording a song to benefit the world's rain forests, organizers said.

The song "Spirit of the Forest" is to be released in May and proceeds from its sales will go to rain forest preservation groups, said a statement Friday from K.A. Publicity of London.

"A palpable sense of urgency surrounds the 'Spirit of the Forest' campaign," said the statement.

"As Third World nations like Brazil continue to burn, harvest and plow under the forests for short-term human and corporate gain, the Earth faces increasing danger from global greenhouse warming and desertification," it said.

The global warming trend called the "greenhouse effect" is thought to be caused in part by a surfeit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Rain forests absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

The statement said the song was originally written by an environmentalist English band, Gentlemen Without Weapons, for a fund-raising gala last autumn organized by Friends of the Earth, U.K.

Two recording sessions - in Los Angeles and in London - have been completed and three others - in New York, Rio de Janeiro and in an Amazon rain forest - are scheduled in April, the statement said.

Joining Wilson of the Beach Boys, ex-Beatle Starr, Ms. Carlisle and Ms. Mitchell will be Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, Was Not Was and Thomas Dolby.

As well, Amazon Indians from the Tukano tribe, North American Indians from the United States, and Japanese and Soviet musicians would join in the singing. It did not name the Japanese or Soviet participants.

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