Chip off the 'ole block - Joni's Covergirl Has Star Potential

by Trish Tervitt
Toronto Sun
April 7, 1997

While Joni Mitchell was grooving in California, her daughter was in Toronto and going to an upscale girls' private school. "Her adoptive mother did a wonderful job raising her," said Kilauran Gibb's oldest friend, Jay Blair.

Her solid upbringing - raised by David and Ida Gibb in a middle-class Don Mills, Ont., neighborhood - gives the former Chatelaine cover girl a strong foundation to handle the news that she's the daughter of singer Joni Mitchell, Blair said. "She has both feet on the ground and her head in the clouds at the moment," he said.

Gibb, now 31 and with a four-year-old son, was recently reunited with her mother after being given up for adoption more than 30 years ago. Like her biological mother, Gibb has an artistic nature and dabbles in acting, music and modelling. "She used to improvise on my piano and write songs and I said to her back then, `You have to take your music seriously,' " said Blair, a record producer.

About 10 years ago she acted in a Bionic Woman TV movie with then-unknown actress Sandra Bullock, Blair added. In 1991, Gibb appeared in a music video for the Toronto band, Donkey. In it she wears a leopard-print dress and performs with singer Alex Radeff. Director Paul Richmond said Gibb worked for free on the low-budget project and is "an excellent person." Richmond, who now plays drum in the band Melodic Cuisinarts, heard Gibb sing in a now-defunct Toronto club in the early 1990s. "It was improvisation ... she had a solid voice."

Once this talent is tapped to the fullest, stardom will be just around the corner, predicts Blair. "We have a full-blown international star on our hands." Mitchell was born in Fort Macleod in southern Alberta. She met the father of her child, Brad McMath, while the two were arts students in Calgary.

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