Joni Sounds Fine Where Others Would Falter

by Rich Aregood
Philadelphia Daily News
November 25, 1972

Joni Mitchell is a talent who stands far above anybody who might be considered competition.

Her voice - and the way she makes artistry of vocal techniques that would sound like trickery coming from anyone else - is magnificent. She can overcome occasional rough spots in her own lyrics with it. Most other singers would sound stupid in places where Mitchell sounds beautiful.

All that is in preparation for talking about her new "For the Roses" (Asylum), a concept album about love and an unnamed "rock 'n' roll man."

As usual with Mitchell albums, everything is impeccable. The artwork's even beautiful. So's the music. My only cavil is the subject matter. Joni's psyche is a lot more interesting than John Lennon's, but her singing about it gives you the same feeling about invasion of privacy no matter how well she does it.

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