In Revue

Toronto Daily Star
October 24, 1969

IN REVUE: "We expect to have the $60,000 we need for the rights well before mid-November," reports Howard Bateman for himself and his partner, John Uren. He's referring to the rights to Spring Thaw '70, on which they now have an option. The rights for the annual musical revue reverted to the original owner, Mavor Moore, earlier this year from Robert Johnston. If they do the show, says Bateman, they will not send it on tour, but will keep it in Toronto and present it at the Playhouse where his production of Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris has just opened a three-week return run. "I have already been in touch with such singer-composers as Ian and Sylvia Tyson, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, and Gordie Lightfoot, as well as some of the comedy writers from Canada now living in Hollywood, about material. We want to give Spring Thaw a completely different look, and we hope to find a completely fresh and vital company of performers." Provided all goes as expected, Bateman will go into previews with the 22nd consecutive edition of the revue in late January.

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