The Wizard of Is

by Joni Mitchell

He's a little like the sunlight
As he walks into your kitchen
Kinda golden like the morning
As he asks you what you're fixin'
So you set the table pretty
With the flower that he brings you
And you flutter like a robin
When it's found a friend to sing to
And you think you maybe love him
For he speaks to you in riddles
About little men and Kings
As he holds you like a wizard
And you watch the sunlight scatter from his ring

And the Wizard is your moon now
Your enchanted silver jester
And he fills the dark with moonbirds
While you smile to think that yesterday
You watched him from the shadows
Like a thief who'd come to steal him
With a ladder on a mountain
And you thought you'd never reach him
For he seems too high above you
And he speaks to you in riddles
Saying I am but a mirror
For reflection of your fables
And the happy ending stories that you hear

© 1966; Gandalf Publishing Company

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