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by Tertius
Toronto Globe and Mail
March 22, 2000
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Torontonians and visitors to their city will soon be able to walk all over Michael J. Fox, Joni Mitchell, William Shatner and Gordie Howe.

Canada's Walk of Fame has announced its third roster of prominent Canucks who will have their names embedded in cement in Toronto's theatre district.

Thirteen inductees were named yesterday. Joining actors Fox and Shatner, hockey star Howe and singer-songwriter Mitchell will be: singer Maureen Forrester, dancer Evelyn Hart, actor William Hutt, chanteuse/actor Ginette Reno, painter Jean-Paul Riopelle, the Royal Canadian Air Farce comedy quartet, actor/comedian Martin Short and actor Donald Sutherland. Singer-songwriter Neil Young was also named, and it's expected he will personally unveil his star when the group Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young visits Toronto at the end of March.

This year's "Walkees" were chosen by the Walk's board of directors, using names on ballots submitted by more than 30,000 Canadians.

A shortlist of 50 nominees was announced earlier this month. Various unveiling ceremonies will be held throughout the year, but it's hoped most of those honoured this year will be present on June 23, when a tribute will be held at Toronto's Roy Thomson Hall.

The Walk of Fame, a Canadian version of the American stars-in-cement tourist attraction in Hollywood, was opened in 1998.

To be inducted, a person has to have been born in Canada or spent their formative years here, been successful for at least 10 years in the entertainment or sports worlds and have a body of work as opposed to being famous for only one thing - no one-night-wonders among this crowd.

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