Folk fans get treat with Joni

Ottawa Citizen
July 20, 1967

Ottawa folk fans can "turn on" for the haunting message of Joni Mitchell on the Aug. 3 edition of Mainly Music, in color, seen over CJOH-TV at 10.30 p.m.

Joni, who comes from Saskatoon, attended art college in Calgary before entering the highly competitive field of folk music. While idly sketching in one of her art courses she'd think of words to accompany the drawing then hum a melody to fit the words. She now writes all her own material and has written songs for the Canadian folk song disciple Buffy Ste. Marie.

Joni has pursued her own unique, and often unorothodox style, sometimes switching tones on her guitar and, seeming at times, to be in total communion with her instrument.

For Mainly Music her program is particularly varied, and fans will remember the haunting Who Has Seen the Wind, the merry circus setting of Carnival in Kenora, then there is the off beat setting for Chelsea Morning, and the fun song Dr. Junk.

Joni is married to a fellow folk singer from Detroit, and lives in Greenwich Village in New York City.

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