Brandy Eyes

by Joni Mitchell

Eyes that send me chasing after feelings that I lost one day.
why befriend me when the brandy tells me what they want to say?
Playing big protector is a grand disguise.
'til you contradict yourself with brandy eyes.

No beginning -- still no end to let me shrug and walk away.
Silly grinning, teasing talk that promises a kiss some day.
I would put you out of mind if I were wise.
But wisdom has no power over brandy eyes.

Maybe I'm wrong
if I am please pardon me and pat my head.

Sing an old song
sing of one more foolish heart that's being misled.
Take the points for winning and donate the prize,
and keep on a-scoring with those brandy eyes.

© August 22, 1966; Gandalf Publishing Co.

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