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The new site has changed quite dramatically from the previous design. Sections have been moved, deleted, added - it could be quite confusing. If you're lost, hopefully this page will help.

A few important points:
» No matter where you are on the site, you'll always see the same main links across the top of the page, as well as consistent links across the bottom of the page.
» In the upper right, above the main links, you'll always see a search box that will do a quick search of the entire site.
» Most pages have a "contextual" seach box as well, which will search only the section you currently reside in.
» Most pages have an additional set of contextual, or Sublinks, displayed in the upper-right section below the main links. These tend to change, even within main sections, depending on what page you are on.

Why can't I find...
» Discussion Forum: This has been removed and replaced by the extensive comment sections on nearly every page.
» Joni in Fiction: This section has been renamed Cultural References and added to the Library section.
» Lyric Glossary: This section has been merged into the song lyrics pages as "Footnotes".
» Biography: This section has been added to the Library.

Click each heading below to see what information is included under each main link.


The home page link takes you to the opening page of the site and consists of the top news items,
a random video link, and random graphic links to other sections on the site.


This link takes you to an archive of all the news since the inception of the website.
The latest items are displayed and a text box allows you to search the entire news archive.


This section features graphics of each of Joni's albums across the top.
Click on any album graphic to see details on that particular album.

» MUSIC: Back to main Music page

» Song Lyrics: Alphabetical list of all songs
    » Songs by rating: List of songs as rated by members.

» Joni Undercover: Songs recorded by others, a listing of all discovered cover songs.
    » Most recorded songs: Listing of how many times each song has been recorded by others.
    » Browse recordings by artist
    » Browse recordings by song title

» Guitar and piano transcriptions: Printable guitar and piano transcriptions.
    » Tablature 101: Primer on reading tablature.
    » Tunings Notation An explanation of how Joni looks at guitar tunings.
    » Tuning Patterns: Further details into Joni's tuning methods.
    » Tips for playing Joni
    » Transcriptions by Rating: List of highest rated transcriptions.
    » Contribute to the archive: Add your own transcription to the archive.

» Songs about Joni: List of songs written by others about Joni.
    » Inspired by Joni - the Songs: Songs written by others with Joni as inspiration.
    » Inspired by Joni - the Albums: Albums released by others with Joni as inspiration.
    » Misc. Recordings: Appearances by Joni on other's music.


This section features all the paintings and artwork by Joni that we've been able to track down.

» PAINTINGS: Back to main Paintings page
    » Browse by year: Displays thumbnails of all artwork in database, by year.
    » View by Rating: List of highest rated paintings.


The exhaustive Chronology of Appearances, researched by Simon Montgomery.
Details of each appearance - including comments, photos, and other images by people who were there (that's you).

» CHRONOLOGY: Back to main Chronology page.
    » View the complete Chronology: Joni's entire career unfolds before your eyes!
    » Tour details: Details on each of Joni's tours.
    » Browse by year: Bite size pieces of the Chronology, one year at a time
    » Add YOUR concert memories: Find the date you saw Joni - tell us your memories and upload your photos.
    » Download PDF document: This is the official document in PDF format.


The Library now has five main sections:
 » Articles: The database of articles from newspapers and periodicals.
 » Books and DVDs: A catalog of books, songbooks, and DVDs relevant to Joni.
 » Cultural References: Formerly called 'Joni in Fiction' - dedicated to the memory of founder Bob Murphy.
 » Photographs: Photographs of Joni taken by professional photographers.
 » Videos: The database of videos linked to from across the web.


A collection of all the relevant videos of Joni from YouTube. No, we don't host them, we just link to them. Once in this section, you'll be able suggest a video we haven't cataloged, report broken links, and even scold us for alleged copyright infringement if you wish!

MYPAGE (this link only appears when logged in)

This page is ground zero for keeping track of your travels through the site.

 » Change your password and other personal information about you.
 » All items you've indicated as your favorites show up on this page.
 » All the comments you've made on the site will be summarized here so you can find them quickly.


This link gives you options to search the entire site. Unlike the context-sensitive search buttons on nearly every page, this link provides you with the ability to customize your search by choosing what sections of the site you'd like to search.

At the bottom of every page on the site are the following links:
 » Register/Login: Register or login to enjoy all the features of the site.
 » Sitemap: this page.
 » Credits: So who's responsible for all this?
 » Contact Us: Information on how to contact us.
 » Legal: Don't sue me, please.
 » Consider a Donation: Boy, this site gets expensive.
 » Web design by Far Studios: None better.
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