Gathered Light: On the Poetry of Joni Mitchell, April 2013

November 6, 2012

Gathered Light: On the Poetry of Joni Mitchell by Lisa and John Sornberger, press release:

Joni Mitchell is one of the greatest poets and songwriters of the late 20th century. For over forty years her powerful lyrics have compelled listeners to dig deeper. This one of a kind collection finally allows even her most passionate fans to do just that.

Gathered Light: On the Poetry of Joni Mitchell, includes more than fifty original contributions by acclaimed writers such as Wally Lamb and Fred Wah, Canada’s poet laureate, as well as some of Mitchell’s long-time friends and creative collaborators. These diverse voices celebrate Mitchell’s poetic craft and offer their insight in the form of original essays, poetry, short fiction, photographs, and collages. Each contributor shares his or her connection to, interpretation of, and inspiration from their favorite Mitchell poem. Many comment on a larger societal or political issue explored therein. All share their experiences of why Joni’s work has been so important to them, and honor her as a poet and source of inspiration. According to sources close to her, Joni said was excited about and highly honored by the project... that she felt that it will finally set the record straight; that she is an actual poet. Also, that the individual responses make it "personal" and bring it around to complete the circle. She touched on how much the First Nations’ poets’ presence in our book mattered to her, and that she was pleased with the entire contributors list of poets, writers, artists, and friends.

Gathered Light is the collection that fans of this legendary artist have been waiting for.

Available April, 2013, by Lisa and John Sornberger, from Sumach Press