My Secret Place

Guitar chords transcribed by Jamie Zubairi  Printer-friendly version of this piece
Tuning: DbAbEbGbAbDb   "Joni" Tuning: Db77325

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The chord shapes are quite irregular and Joni, as ever, sometimes plays 
000000 in between chords. Where you see a slash in between two chords, 
that indicates that they are quick successive chords. Listening to the 
track will obviously make things clearer.

In the chord shapes below, A=10th fret, B= 11th fret C=12th fret


222020  979977 / 999700

222020  979977

222020  222020  222020

979977 / 999700 / 900700

1st Verse

777600			  7A7777	
I'm going to take you to  

 	   002200  000222
My special place

000222				   777600	    7A7777	
		It's a place that you like no-one else I know

	002200 / 000222
Might appreciate

222020		X55400
I don't go there with anyone but

You're my special case

For my special place

My special place. For my secret place

222020  979977 / 999700
My      Sec      ret

222020  222020
My Secret

979977 / 999700 / 907000

Rpt 1st verse chords for 2nd verse until

People talk to tell you something
Or to take up space
I guess I'm only talking to be talking to
Your pretty face.

I don't talk much to anyone
But you're a special case
For my special case

I was        born  and raised

999700    779977   222020
       in New York City

222020                   555400
I'm just getting used to Colorado

     779977               900000 / 700000
Oh Oh      Street bravado

Carry me.         Why did you

AACCAA        999700   779977  222020
Bring me to a place so Wild    and pretty?

                         555400 / 555777
Are there pigeons in the park?

                   700000  779977  
Muggers after dark?

         900000  700000 0CCB00 / CCCB00
In these gold    en     trees?

My secret, my secret
In my secret place
In my secret 
In my secret place
In my secret

I'm going to take you to
My special place
It's a place where no amount of
Hurt and anger can deface

I put things back together there
It all falls right in place
In my special place
(My special place)

Once I saw a film
In New York City
That was shot in Colorado
Girl meets desperado
In the trembling mountain trees

Out of all of the girls that you see
In bleachers and cafe windows
Sitting flirting with someone
Looking to have some fun
Why did you pick me?

(For your secret place?)

Then rpt intro. and chorus. Ad lib till fade.


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