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Overture - Cotton Avenue

Guitar tablature transcribed by Marian Russell
Tuning: CGCFAC   "Joni" Tuning: C75543

This is the most difficult Joni Mitchell song I have ever tried to transcribe 
and to play without any kind of backup.  I spent months of listening to the 
recording and trying various tunings until I decided upon this one.  I think 
what makes tuning determination so difficult for this song is the fact that 
there is at least one other guitar in a completely different tuning filling out 
the Overture in places.

Ken Slarty believes that Jim Leahy's tuning of C75435 is the correct one; 
however, with only one guitar, the harmonics at minute 2:02 (on the CD counter) 
cannot be achieved with Jim's tuning, but they can be achieved with mine.  
Since I don't have anyone to play the other guitar, I have created a tab in the 
tuning of C75543 which I feel captures reasonably accurately for one guitar 
what is happening musically in the recording with two (and posibly even more) 
guitars.  I feel this transcription in C75543 captures some important musical 
elements that are lost when the tuning of C75435 is used. 

I recently (at London Jonifest 2000) had the good fortune to play this with the 
talented bass player, Chris Marshall, who flawlessly reproduced Jaco Pastorius' 
bass line.  The bass really rounded out and completed the sound.
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