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Chinese Café

Guitar chords transcribed by Sam Stone
[Capo on fret 2]
Tuning: CGDFCE   "Joni" Tuning: C77374

written by Joni Mitchell, utilizing the words and music of North/Zaret and Goffin/King
from 'Wild Things Run Fast,' 1982

Arranged for guitar by Sam Stone
Tuning: CGDFCE (C77374), Capo 2

Note:  This arrangement is one of those that just "came to me."  I had been
looking at the chords as noted (in standard tuning) in the "Joni Mitchell
Complete" songbook from 2006 and decided to "fiddle with the knobs," as Joni
says.  By magic or something I accidentally ended up in the good old CGDFCE 
tuning and, after playing through this arrangement a few times, I wouldn't be
surprised if this was the tuning Joni actually used for this song, maybe in an
early demo or something of that sort.  That said, this is not an exact 
transcription.  It's just a guitar arrangement that seeks to combine the many
elements of the full-band recording and synthesize them down, hopefully offering
a sufficient "stripped down" version which can be played relatively easily and
in a familiar tuning.

All fret numbers ten and above are written with numbers such that A=10, B=11, etc.

Intro (approximately, listen to the album to get the rhythm): 
E ----------------------------
C --------------------------0-
F ------------9-----------4---   ->  002200  002000  002200  002000  002200  002000
D -7/8--A-8--A--A-8--8--3-----
G ----------------------------
C ----------------------------

0002200  002200 > 0022200 > 002200 (hammer on and off F string following the melody)   
         Caught    in        the      middle
002200 > 0022200 > 002200    555400
 Ca    -  rol    -  we're   middle class, we're middle aged
We were   wild   in the old days
Birth of rock 'n' roll days

      Now your kids are coming up straight
      And my child's a stranger
  775555                        555400
I  bore   her, but I could not  raise   her

Nothing lasts      for long
Nothing lasts      for long
Nothing lasts      for long

 Down at the Chinese Cafe
We'd be dreaming on our dimes
                 x3050x   7755xx    33550x
We'd be playing   "Oh my   love, my darling"
         002220 > 002000  002220  002000  002220  002000  002220
One more time

Uranium money
Is booming in the old home town now
It's putting up sleek concrete
Tearing the old landmarks down now
Paving over brave little parks
Ripping off Indian land again
How long how long
Short sighted business men
Ah nothing lasts for long
Nothing lasts for long
Nothing lasts for long

Down at the Chinese Cafe
We'd be dreaming on our dimes
We'd be playing "You give your love, so sweetly"
One more time

Christmas is sparkling
Out on Carol's lawn
This girl of my childhood games
With kids nearly grown and gone
Grown so fast
Like the turn of a page
We look like our mothers did now
When we were those kids' age

Nothing lasts for long
Nothing lasts for long
Nothing lasts for long

Down at the Chinese Cafe
We'd be dreaming on our dimes
We'd be playing

x3050x       7755xx    33550x
      "Oh my love, my darling
      55540x           x3050x
I've hungered for your  touch
A  long   lonely time
x3050x              77555x    33550x
      And time goes   by   so slowly
    55540x          x3050x
And  time can do so   much
       77555x    220000
Are you    still  mine?

 x3050x          555400
I need your love
 77555           220000
I need your love
    33550x          555400  0022000
God speed your love to        me"

002200  002000  002200  002000  002200  002000
Time goes - where does the time go?  I wonder where the time goes.
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