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The Same Situation

Piano music transcribed by Dave Blackburn

The Same Situation is one of the several lovely piano compositions
on Court and Spark and is a little more straightforward than Down 
to You or Car on a Hill in that it doesn't contain an extended 
orchestral interlude in the middle.

In order to avoid the chart being unneccesarily long I have used 
repeat marks with first and second endings. There are very minor 
differences in the piano part the second time through but not 
enough to warrant another four pages. The melody as written out 
only scans with the lyrics of the first half. Joni's phrasing 
and melodic line are somewhat different the second time through. 
I only included the vocal staff as a place reference for the pianist.

Note how Joni freely slides between 5/4, 4/4 and 3/4 meters and
 makes much use of Minor 11 and Maj9 (no 3rd) chords, which 
 preempts Steely Dan's use of them in a pop/rock context. These 
 chords are partly what give Joni's piano writing of this era its 
 "jazz-like" quality.

Dave Blackburn
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