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Love Is Like A Big Brass Band

Guitar chords transcribed by Mia Ortlieb
[Capo on fret 2]
Tuning: DGDGBD   "Joni" Tuning: D57543

Love is Like a Big Brass Band is an unreleased song that Joni began writing in the fall of 1966. 

000000 002010  000000  002010

000000    002010        000000     002010  000000
For our   first time    together

000000 002010 000000 044030         022010 000000
I      want  -ed     everything to be just right, I 

002010	       000000   002010 000000 
prayed for good  weather,                For we were

going to a concert in the park that night, I wanted

x33333                     000000 002010 004030
violins and sweet romantic melodie ie-   ies

000000          044030      022010
but when the  band began to  play, it didnt

044030          x55555      x77777
turn out quite   that        way,

                 000000      x77777    000000
For there were   trum  -     pets       and

000000 x77777 000000   x55555       000000 002010 000000
trom  bones mak -ing sad sounds and glad  tones   and  

044030                        022010  x77777
notes that I will never under stand     & ,

              000000 x77777 000000  x77777 000000
And there were tin    horns  and o - boes    and 

x55555    000000  002010  000000  044030
saxophone   so  - los;    Now,   I know and you know

044030        000000  022010    000000    002010   000000 
Love is like   a      big brass band.

Addl Lyrics:

We wasted no time now,
We planned a wedding for the first of June
Hear the wedding bells chime now
And see the folks all watching for the bride and groom
Waiting for violins and sweet romantic melodies
But when we started down the aisle
You should have seen the preacher smile
For there were trumpets and trombones making
Sad sounds and glad tones and
Notes that I will never understand
And there were tin horns and oboes and
Saxophone solos, Now
I know and you know
Love is like a big brass band.
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