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Down to You

Piano music transcribed by Dave Blackburn

This transcription is a synthesis of Joni's "Down to You" piano 
performance with many of the significant orchestral parts added 
by Tom Scott, as much as is practical for two hands to play. 
There are spots where I have "squared up" the rhythm, to avoid 
9/8 bars for example, and altered the left hand rhythms or 
arpeggios to keep a groove going better as a solo piano 
rendering. It is therefore not an exact notation of Joni's part 
but a "realization" of the piece as a whole.

It is intended for study purposes only and may under no circumstances be sold. Special thanks to Barnaby Finch for corrections, amendments, proof-reading and pianistic suggestions. If you would like to submit comments to me I may be reached at

Enjoy this fabulous piece!!
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