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The Last Time I Saw Richard

Guitar chords transcribed by John Uriel
Tuning: EADGBE   "Joni" Tuning: E55545

Piano schematic chords

Very rough attempt at the version of this song from 
Blue & Miles of Aisles. I‘ve started from scratch and 
have given clues as to the right hand parts other than 
the chords. I use an exclamation mark to indicate high 
rather than low for notes within phrases.

N. B. I’m also a bit inconsistent please treat G/A and 
A11 as being equivalent.

Key: Sort of starts off in D major the verses are in 
mainly in G major but it “resolves” on a Bm7

The Bass follows Howard Wright’s comments about “Blue” 
mainly root - fifth - octave

Please feel free to comment and improve.

Intro Pattern 1

D (root triad) D11 Dsus4 (g top) D (2nd inversion)

F#m Arpeggios (with a brief sus 2)

a c# f# a c# g# c# f# c#!

G (Arp b! g d b d b! a g) Em7 (Arp b! g d b d a g f#)

D Dsus4 Asus4 A5



Intro pattern 2

Gmaj 7 C Csus4 G maj 7 Asus 4 (Riff) D Dsus4 D

g! f# d f!’ e d g! f# d ed!c#!aedc#de a g g f#


Verse 1

G (hit G triads and C 2nd inversions over G bass) 

The last time I saw Richard was Detroit in ‘68 & he told me


Am7 (11) 
 (play Am7’s or 9ths alternating with 
 Em or Em7 as is comfortable) over A bass

“All romantics meet the same fate someday, 
cynical & drunk & boring someone in some dark cafe”.

G Gsus2 G G (as 1st line)

“You laugh” he said, “you think you’re immune, 
go look at your eyes they’re full of moon

Am7 (as 2nd line)

You like roses & kisses & pretty men to tell you 
all those pretty lies

F Fmaj 9 Right hand alternate Fmaj7 
 and Em7 or G over F Bass 

Pretty lies, When (are) you going to realise 
they’re only pretty lies 


G Am A11 Asus2

only pretty lies, just pretty lies.


2nd Intro Riff into Verse 2

He put a quarter in the Wurlitzer, 
and he pushed 3 buttons and the thing began to whirr,
& a barmaid came by in fishnet stockings and a bowtie and said 
“Drink up now it’s getting on time to close.” 
“Richard, you haven’t really changed”, I said, 
“It’s just that now you’re romanticising some pain that’s in your head. 
You’ve got tombs in your eyes, but the songs you punched are dreaming.
Listen, they speak of love so sweet, love so sweet. 
When (are) you going to get yourself back on your feet?
Oh love can be so sweet, love so sweet.”

Richard got married to a figure skater, 
& he bought her a dishwasher & a coffee perculator 
& he drinks at home now each night with the TV on 
& all the house lights left up bright.
I’m going to blow this damned candle out. 
I don’t want nobody coming over to my table 
I got nothing to talk to anybody about. 
All good dreamers pass this way someday, 
hiding behind bottles in dark cafes. 
Dark cafes: Only a dark cocoon before I get my gorgeous wings & fly away 
Only a phase, these dark cafe days.


After the A sus2 

Asus 4 riff over A Bass    

Asus 4 riff over G Bass

Asus 4 riff over B Bass 

G Arpeggios (Then there should be a brief Em) 


Bm7 Hold pedal on
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