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That Song About The Midway

Guitar chords transcribed by Marian Russell and Sue McNamara
[Capo on fret 2]
Tuning: DADEAD   "Joni" Tuning: D75255

This is a modification of Sue McNamara's tab.
Many thanks to her for the initial effort and 
for the existence of the JMDL guitar site!



000 02h 00       000 0h3 0h3 0h2       000 0h3 0h2 0

000 0h2 00

1st verse:

000000  707000        505000      404000
I       met you on a  mid-        way

000320           000 0h2 00     000 0h2 00     000000
at a fair last   year                          and you

707000             505000      404000
stood out like a   ru-         by

000320           000 0h2 00     000 0h2 00     000000
in a black man's ear                           you were

000332           000320   0000000
playing on the   horses   you were

000554                   000332    000000
playing on the guitar    strings   you were

000320           000300
playing like a   devil  wearing 

000 0h2 00     000 0h2 00     000000
wings                         wearing

000332              000330  000000 
wings you looked so grand   wearing 


000000     000 0h2 00     000000
ings                      do you

000332             000330         
tape them to your  shoulders just to

000 0h2 00     000 0h2 00    000000
sing                         Can you

000332              000330  000000 
fly I heard you     can     can you   

fly -

000000     000 0h2 00     000000
-y                        like an

000332             000330         
eagle doing your   hunting from the 

000 0h2 00     000 0h2 00    000000

Additional verses:

I followed with the sideshows 
to another town 
And I found you in a trailer 
on the camping grounds
You were betting on some lover
you were shaking up the dice
And I thought I saw you cheating 
once or twice.

Once or twice I heard you bid 
Once or twice 
Were you wondering was the gamble worth the price
Pack it in, I heard you did 
Pack it in
Was it hard to fold a hand you knew you could win

So lately you've been hiding
It was somewhere in the news
And I'm still at these races 
With my ticket stubs and my blues
And a voice calls out the numbers
And it sometimes mentions mine
And I feel like I've been working overtime

Overtime, I've lost my fire 
Always playin' one more hand for one more dime
Slowin' down I'm gettin' tired
Slowin' down 
And I envy you the valley that you've found 
'Cause I'm midway down the midway 
Slowin' down, down, down, 

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