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Ladies Of The Canyon

Guitar chords transcribed by Howard Wright
[Capo on fret 2]
Tuning: CGDFCE   "Joni" Tuning: C77374

You could achieve the correct tuning by tuning all the strings one tone note 
higher (D A E G D F#) and then not using a capo, but this will strain the 
guitar a little more, so the capo option is probably safer.

I'm just going to give you the shapes - there aren't a lot of different
chords to worry about, and the basic picking style is fairly simple to pick
up from the record.

          Chord Shapes used :

Note, the fret numbers in the chord shapes are *relative* to the capo position.
In other words, with a capo at the 2nd fret, a zero in the chord shape corresponds 
to the "open string" (which is stopped at the 2nd fret). 

 002200     002000     033000    030000    022000   020000

   D         Dadd4     D7add4    D9add4    D6add4   D6add9add4

 DAEGDF#      D  A  E  G  D  F#    DAEGDF#   DAEGDF#
 x22222       x  0  10 9  10 x     x0767x    x0545x

 B6/7sus4         Amadd4            Aadd9     A9(no3rd-no5th)

Weird names .. but that's what you get if you use strange tunings !

Use the last three shapes for the little introduction bit, then change to 
D alternating with Dadd4 and you go into the verse.

She tends to use the chords in pairs, alternating between them.

  So use    (D and Dadd4)      as a pair.

            (D7add4 and D9add4)  as a pair

   and      (D6add4 and D6add9add4) as a pair.

In other words, you add or remove remove the finger from the G/E string to change 
between the two chords of the pair.

The verse just uses these 3 pairs of chords, plus the B6/7sus4 chord.

Play around with these and you should pick it up pretty easily.

A final point - she tends to hit a few open strings between chord changes, and
sometimes hammers on to a new chord shape after strumming a few open strings.
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