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Shadows And Light

Guitar chords transcribed by Mark Domyancich
Tuning: BF#C#EBD#   "Joni" Tuning: B77374

Recorded live at The Spectrum Theatre, 2/16/76

Tune to: BF#C#EBD# (B77374) or in some other versions, CGDFCE (C77374)

Play this song in 2/4 time, like a slowed down version of 'Coyote.' There is 
a lot of string slapping in this song between the chord changes.

Same riff throughout:

002220  ||000|  333|||  555|||  777000  

And sometimes before a verse:

0|222|  ||000|  0|222|  ||000|

Repeat the above riff a few times.

Verse 1:

Every picture has its shadows
And it has some source of light
Blindness and sight
The perils of benefactors
And he blessings of parasites
Blindness and sight
We are threatened by all things
By the god of cruelty
We are drawn to all things
By the sweet devil of delight
Mythical devil of the ever-present laws
Governing blindness and sight

Suntans in reservation dining rooms
Pale miners in their lantern rays
Night and day
Look at those hostage smile on your presidents
Freedom scribbled in the subway
Night, night and day
We are threatened by all things
By the god of cruelty
Drawn to all things
By the sweet god of delight
Mythical god of the everlasting laws
Governing day day and night

Sax interlude:  002220  000000 Repeat this riff a few times.

(Some versions have a sax interlude, others don't)

The basic chord progression of 002220 ||000| 333||| 555||| 777000 applies
for the rest of the song.

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