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Furry Sings The Blues

Guitar chords transcribed by Howard Wright
Tuning: DAEGCE   "Joni" Tuning: D77354

Note that the Hejira version of this song is played in D, but the 
live version (on "Shadows and Light") is played a tone lower 
(tuning: C 77354 or C G D F Bb D).

For the Hejira version in D, if you want to avoid tuning some of 
your strings higher than they are in standard tuning, you can use 
the tuning in C and then add a capo at the 2nd fret to bring you
back to D.

You only need to know 7 chord shapes to play this, so I'll
start of by giving the shapes, then I'll write the chord names 
above the words so you know where the changes come.

 33xxxx    55xxxx     777000     0x7770     002220

   F5        G5        Am9        G6/D       Dadd2

 DAEGCE    DAEGCE         
 002020    333000     

Dadd2add4  Fmaj7sus2

Intro :

F5  G5  Am9

F5  G5  G6/D

Dadd2  Dadd2add4  Dadd2  Dadd2add4

Verse :

G6/D                Dadd2      Dadd2add4
Old Beale street is coming down

Sweetie's snack bar  boarded up know

And Egles the tailor, and the shine boy's gone

Faded out with rag time blues

G6/D            Dadd2   
Handy's cast in bronze

        Dadd2add4             Fmaj7sus2
And he's standing in a little park 

with his trumpet in his hand like he's listening back

to the good old days, and the click of high-heeled shoes

Old Furry sings the blues

Propped up in his bed with his dentures and his wooden leg removed

And Ginny's there for her kindness and Furry's beer

Am9                                G6/D  Dadd2
She's the old man's angel overseer

Link to next verse :

F5  G5  Am9

F5  G5  

Then on to verse 2

Structure is the same all the way through. Song ends with a
repeated pattern of Dadd2 and Dadd2add4
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