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Free Man In Paris

Guitar chords transcribed by Julie P. Wilks
Tuning: EADGBE   "Joni" Tuning: E55545

These are the (easy) chords for Free Man in Paris (Joni's version anyway).


          A                              D
The way I see it he said, you just can't win it,
            C                                              G
Everybody's in it for their own gain; you can't please 'em all,
               F                       A
There's always somebody putting you down,
I do my best and I do good business,
There's a lot of people asking for my time,
They're tryin' to get ahead; 
                  F                   A 
they're tryin' to be a good friend of   mine,

I was a free man in Paris, 
I felt unfettered and alive, 
C                  Asus4                      
There was nobody callin' me up for favours 
and no-ones future to decide,
You know I'd go back there tomorrow 
            G                   C
but for the work I've taken on,
            Asus4          D                A               
stokin' the star maker machinary behind the popular songs.  

Instrumental bit ... (mix it about a bit!)

Em9  A  Em9  A  Em9 A

C D F   C D G A  C D F  C D G A

Verse 2:

          A                        D  
I deal in dreamers and telephone screamers,
         C                                    G
Lately I wonder what I do it for; if I had my way,
         F                                A
I'd just walk through those doors, and wan-der,
down the Champs Elysees;
going cafe to cabaret, thinking
how I'd feel when I find,  
     F                   A 
that very good friend of   mine


End instrumental bit ... 

A  C D F  C D G A
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