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This archive features hundreds of transcriptions of 190 different songs in 96 different tunings - including dulcimer tabs, bass guitar notation, and lead sheets as well.

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(A number of Joni's tunings, although tuned to different pitches, have the same relative relationship between the strings. The "generic tuning" ignores the pitch and groups tunings with similar relationships. For a more detailed explanation, see the Tuning Patterns document.)

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 1) River - Howard Wright, Piano music
 2) Big Yellow Taxi - Harlan Thompson and Howard Wright, Guitar chords
 3) Both Sides Now - Steve DiBartola, Guitar tablature
 4) Paprika Plains (complete score) - Dave Blackburn & Michael Dunn, piano music
 5) God Must Be A Boogie Man - Dave Blackburn, Lead sheet
 6) Paprika Plains (piano/vocal) - Dave Blackburn & Michael Dunn, piano music
 7) River - Harlan Thompson, Guitar chords
 8) Both Sides Now - Sue McNamara, Guitar tablature
 9) Sweet Sucker Dance - Dave Blackburn, piano music
 10) A Case Of You - Howard Wright, Guitar tablature
 11) Both Sides Now - Yukie Smith, piano music
 12) Blue - Dave Blackburn, Piano music
 13) A Case Of You - Steve Johnson, Guitar chords
 14) Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Dave Blackburn, piano music
 15) This Flight Tonight - Howard Wright, Guitar tablature
 16) All I Want - Steve Johnson, Guitar chords
 17) You Turn Me On, I'm A Radio - Harlan Thompson, Guitar chords
 18) Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire - Sue McNamara, Guitar chords
 19) Carey - Peter Hack, Guitar chords
 20) The Circle Game - Julo Cumani, Guitar tablature