Known recordings of  'The Last Time I Saw Richard'

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   Ashbrook, Daphne   2014
   Bartley, Gren   2012
   Bissex, Rachel   1995
   Canoura, Laura   1991
   Cowsill, Susan w/Robert Mache   2002
   Fleisher, Julian  
  Live recording from Symphony Space's "Wall To Wall Joni Mitchell" concert
   Forrester, Renée    2013
   Harlock, Kelly   2010
   Irma Schultz Keller   2010
  Translated in Swedish as "Senast Jag Sag Rikard"
   Katy Stephan + Classical Revolution    2012
   Kaufmann, Denise    1976
   Kind Of Like Spitting   2000
  Limited edition of 1000 copies in a rubber-stamped generic "Insound Tour Support Series" cardboard slipjacket with insert.
   Legiao Urbana   1999
   Maggie Hollinbeck & Graham Sobelman   2014
   Maguire, Clare   2013
   Miles, Catherine    2012
   Montes, Marguerite   2010
  Audio from a Youtube video; Live at the Cool Creek Cafe 2007 Bellingen Australia.
   Raison D'Etre   1999
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2011
   Sandbloom, Kevin   2011
   Takats, Ange   2010
   Whitehead, Paul   2009