Known recordings of  'Hejira'

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   A Bird That Whistles   1996
   Anne, Emely    2011
   Blanchart, Dirk   2012
   Butcher, Aimée    2015
   Caputo, Valeria  
   D'Agostina, Simona  
  Audio from Artist's MySpace site
   Diane And Bob   2014
   Jackman, Vanessa   2007
  From YouTube video; Live in Paris 2007
   Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey   2003
   James "Jez" Graham & The Trio   2003
   Jones, Robert  
   Kadoos   2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Vlucht"
   Kevin Halporn & Flor Guillén    2010
   Khan, Chaka   
   Michael Paz Band   2002
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2014
   Tatyana Balakirsky & Alex Nadjarov   2008
   Will Taylor And Strings Attached   2007