Known recordings of  'Conversation'

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   Be Slow   2010
   Benanti, Laura    2013
  Released as "He Comes For Conversation"
   Big Yellow Taxi   2006
   Clark, Anni   1998
   Colvin, Shawn   1975
   Hardoon, Doris  
   Klaudia & Rico   1996
  Recorded as "He Comes For Conversation"
   Maggie Hollinbeck & Graham Sobelman   2014
   Margot, Gillian    2015
   McAlmont, David   1994
   Moss, Ann   2013
   Nereide   2010
   Restless Wind   2004
  Download from website
   Rodriguez, Nicholas    2015
   Rundlett, Gail   1985
   Sally Barker - Joni Mitchell Project   2010
   Shadows and Light  
   The Nep Tunes  
  Audio from artist website
   The Practicers   2000
   Volker Niehusmann & Christiane Weber   1997
   Wheatfield   2004